Create Next Generation

Electronic Products Today.

This book offers you broad view on technology research and product development solutions in one practical volume.


Learn where we are today. The book shares the technology readiness level of printed components along with exciting real life product use-cases. It also reveals printed electronics cost efficiency in mass volumes.


Companies in PrintoCent community have opened up their printed intelligence technology know how, thus giving you the tools to rapid technology take off. All this with production contacts, implementation examples and tangible advice on how to get the best out of printed electronics.


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How to Design Practical Printed Electronics!

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Printed Electronics and Diagnostic Products PrintoCent Designer´s Handbook /  Copyright:  PrintoCent / VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd / /

Basic electronics


Energy harvesting


Energy storage

Visualisation & Signage



Enviroment sensing

Large selection of components


Book offers wide range of components

for many application fields.

  • Conductors
  • Printed Passive Components
  • Printed Transistor
  • Memories
  • Displays and Signing
  • Organic Photovoltaic
  • Printed Battery
  • Printed Supercapacitor
  • Printed Sensors
  • Chemical and Biosensors

Practical Design guidelines

Book opens the printed electronics design

process step by step in a practical way

  • Production solutions and material selection walkthrough
  • Electronics design flow
  • Component selection
  • Printed component integration rules
  • Hybrid design and assembly instructions

Exciting product examples

Book includes fascinating product design cases, ranging from commercial health care sensors to beautifully designed future lighting concepts from the PrintoCent Design Competition.


Product cases are opened up to reveal the solution implementation details and  rationale behind decisions.

Production cost information

typical production cost structure

  •  Material costs
  •  Manufacturing costs
  •  Assembly costs

Quick cost estimation view

Ideas for design optimisation

for best production efficiency

Book gives you cost breakdown examples

Book info

  • 215 pages
  • 7 design example
  • 21 components or functional blocks
  • Mass of pictures, graphs and tables